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Welcome to our documentation concerning the Berkeley Publisher, a software tool for the development of decision trees. Here, you will find the written versions of the video tutorials. These parts are meant to support the video tutorials and enable you to read over the things discussed in the videos again, on your own pace.

At the moment, we have a Basic, Advanced and Expert series. In the Basic series, the basics of decision tree modeling will be explained. You will learn how to create an Non-disclosure Agreement. The parts in these series are connected with each other, and follow up on each other. It is recommended that you start at the beginning of the Basic series and follow the example till the end.

The Advanced series are for the more experienced. These parts can be read independently. Prior knowledge that can be found in the Basic series is needed though.

If you have gone through both the Basic and Advanced series, or if you are an experienced user, you can have a look at the Expert series. This series will explain some of the more advanced features of the Berkeley Publisher.

Get started by clicking on one of the topics below, or start at the beginning.

Basic series

Our Basic Tutorial Documentation exists of the following topics:

Berkeley Studio

Studio Efficiency


Expert series

Our Expert Tutorial Documentation exists of the following topics:

Publishing over SSL

View tutorial


View tutorial

Importing text

View tutorial

Dynamic grids

View tutorial

Feedback widget

View tutorial

Email functionality

View tutorial

Dataset functions

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